Package Hunts, are fully guided and are a dedicated field hunter’s best choice. You and a handful of hunting buddies with our dogs and I. That’s right most of the guiding I handle myself. Knowing the edges, draws and those little places where birds like to take cover gets us close and the LPK Brittanys make sure its a done deal. Just don’t miss that shot! When the hunt is over all of the birds will be cleaned, packaged, and ready to hit the road. Don’t forget the food! That’s right, We’ll feed you too. More details can be found at this link: Package Hunt

Field Hunts are a great choice if you want to hunt on your own. We will find the area that best suits your abilities and group size. After making sure the birds are in the field, it’s yours to hunt. If you need a dog, we have one. Yes, we allow hunters to use our dogs. This hunt is a pay per bird hunt that allows the hunter to control how they hunt the field. It’s also a great hunt for younger dogs that need bird work. More details can be found at this link: Field Hunt